Are walk in tubs worth it?

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Ella’s Bubbles Offers Unrivaled Luxury in The Walk-In Tub Market

The company is looking to serve the $7 trillion Baby Boomer market looking to age in place, in comfort and luxury.

Ella’s Bubbles is reimagining the walk-in tub as a multisensory therapeutic bathing experience. They integrate leading technologies — such as Infusion® Microbubble Therapy, foot massage, and chromatherapy — into their tubs. Bathing in an Ella’s Bubbles tub is a world-class hydrotherapy experience that every homeowner can access. Their premium bathtubs are available through a nationwide network of distributors and installers.

Most walk-in tubs help with fall safety. But most don’t serve the bathtub’s role as the centerpiece of the master bathroom. Additionally, they don’t offer the elevated, multisensory therapeutic experience that increasingly stressed homeowners need.

Ella’s Bubbles offers eight categories of walk-in tubs along with many fixture, jet, and accessory options. Their product line makes it possible for all homeowners to have a personalized, rejuvenating bath experience, no matter their physical needs or their bathroom configuration. They also offer Infusion® Microbubble Therapy, one of the most luxurious features available for walk-in tubs today. Just like small bubbles make better champagne, the billions of tiny bubbles surrounding you in a microbubble bathtub are an elevated bathing experience you won’t soon forget.

Right now, there is a perfect storm of economic forces driving walk-in tub sales. 1. America’s housing stock is aging. Every year a different housing component reaches end of life and must be repaired or replaced. 2. America’s population is aging. The Baby Boomer generation will need more age-specific home modifications for safety and accessibility. Those problems are the core of the walk-in tub’s value proposition. 3. People need their homes to function as entertainment and recreation centers while navigating changing public health conditions. According to our research, these three forces will power bathtubs sale’s 20% increase over the next five years.

The 70 million American’s over 65 spend over $7 trillion every year, representing over 40% of the American economy. Over 80% of them want to age in place, at home, with style. Ella’s Bubbles products are well-positioned to serve this growing and lucrative market.

Ella’s Bubbles products are proudly American-assembled and tested. Each tub is finely tuned and expertly finished to ensure the best customer experience possible. These baths genuinely serve as the centerpiece of the at-home spa. That’s why one Ella’s Bubble customer commented, “It is BETTER than a hot tub!”

Are walk in tubs worth it? Yes, if they offer an unparalleled experience at an affordable price. Call 800-480-6850 or contact Ella’s Bubbles online for FREE information on one of their world-class models. They work with homeowners across the country to make bathrooms more accessible and more luxurious.

About Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based manufacturer of acrylic walk-in tubs and a national distributor of showers and bathroom fixtures. Ella’s is on a mission to offer only the best walk-in bathtubs in terms of safety, design, and therapeutic features, at an exceptional price. Their installer network has experience with residential, hospitality, medical, commercial, and residential installations. Contact us today to learn more about our unique walk-in tubs.