Apply for an Ella’s Bubbles Position

Your opportunity to work with an industry leading Walk In Tub company

Product Assembly / Warehouse Support

Warehouse position for Walk In Bathtubs, handling assembly line. Assembles necessary components by verifying correct fits for connects, fastening subassemblies and a variety of parts. Verifies quality by testing completed walk in tub components.

Sales – 1099

Remote opportunity as the point of connection between business and prospects or clients. Includes a variety of responsibilities including locating and informing prospects while assisting existing clients with correct walk in tub information.

Product Manager

Identifies the prospect need and up-scale business motives that a walk in tub product or included feature will offer. Technical support, assisting with product development, creating technical content.

Graphic Designer / SMO Management

Handles the vision and development for all media and marketing materials. Includes the ability to utilize elements and understand the scope of branding including: shapes, colors, typography, images and more; all with the intention of properly conveying ideas to an audience.

Content Writer

Drafts informative and enticing articles to promote brand and showcase brand products. Includes writing on a range of subjects, including a variety of voices from technical to casual. Responsible for drafting, editing, and revising written and visual content.

PPC Manager

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) managerial position including the provision and management of Ella’s Bubbles As Spend across the following platforms: Facebook, Google, & Bing. Maintain proper CPC (Cost per Click) and deliver effective marketing content.

Sales Manager

seeking a highly skilled Sales and Marketing Manager to oversee and manage our call center, business-to-business relations, independent sales representatives, and the link between B2C and B2B. The successful candidate will also be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to support sales growth. This includes organizing and managing the current sales team, innovating ideas to improve sales, and monitoring and analyzing data from our sales and marketing activities to provide valuable feedback.