24″ Hand Shower Slide Bar & Leak Elimination (5′ Hose & Coupling Kit)


The leak elimination kit includes a 24-inch long hand shower bar, a 5-foot long stainless-steel braided shower hose, and a threaded coupling for connecting to an existing pull-out shower hose. This simple kit is specially designed to eliminate water leakage through the insert hole of the deck mount hand shower. A common mistake made by contractors or customers is using the existing pull-out hand shower as a wall-mounted shower. That leaves the pull-out hand shower insert hole open for water leaks. The water will enter the hole, and therefore leaking onto the floor behind the walk-in tub. The existing pull-out hand shower is not designed for this method of installation. It must only be used while sitting, and then returned to its position after use.
The included 5-foot stainless steel braided shower hose must be attached to the existing hand shower hose with threaded coupling. The attached coupling to the existing hose must be pushed back into the hole to create a leakproof seal between the gasket and the existing hose connector. The slide bar can be conveniently installed in any location on the side or end wall. By adjusting and securing it to the desired height and angle, the hand shower can be used as a regular wall-mounted shower head. The slide bar is made of stainless steel and finished in chrome. By sliding the hand shower up or down, you can easily secure the desired positioning.
Note: If you’re planning to install a hand shower slider bar on the wall, this is a must-buy and must-install accessory to prevent leaks through the pull-out hand shower insertion hole.


Hand Shower Slide Bar Specifications

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