Transfer26 Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tub – 26″ x 52″ (66 x 132cm), Dual Drain Technology

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The Transfer26, our narrowest wheelchair-accessible walk-in bathtub, is ideal for petite to average body types and fits well in smaller bathrooms. Additionally, this tub is both a space and water saver due to its compact size. The Transfer26 features a 36-inch wide L-shaped door that swings outward, allowing bathers to easily transfer from a wheelchair to the comfortable 24-inch wide molded seat. These transfer tubs are also popular among non-wheelchair users seeking effortless slide-in access to the seat. The outswing door boasts a uniquely designed gear and shaft-driven 2-latch lock system, hidden by an acrylic decorative cover. This offers a more secure and watertight seal compared to the single latch/lever systems used by competitors. The Transfer26 comes equipped with Ella’s fast-fill faucet and proprietary dual drain technology, ensuring the industry’s fastest gravity-driven drainage. For more information and access to downloadable manuals and specifications, see below. Explore available jetting or therapeutic options by clicking ‘Choose Included Features’ tabs below, or check out optional accessories under ‘Walk-in Tub Optional Features’.

The Transfer26, our narrowest wheelchair-accessible walk-in bathtub, is

Note: Bather’s dimensions in the product images: (Female) Height: 5’2” | Weight: 125 lbs. | Hip Width: 17″ – (Male) Height: 5’9” | Weight: 180 lbs. | Hip Width: 16″
Width of the Transfer 26 seat: 19″ -The door white color may slightly vary to tub shell.


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